The Stamps Of Love..

29 Jan

…. You’ve just had your tonsils removed are sick beyond belief and tell the nurses you need medication to stop you being throwing up. Before they return to give you it, you know you re about to let it all out – he says ‘It’s ok, be sick’ & holds out his hands like a bowl, then carries it over to a sink.

…. He wants to hold your hand even when you are sitting down

…. He says “When you’re old, I’ll draw your beauty spot by your eye on for you every day, it suits you”

…. He tickles you in public because your loud laugh makes him laugh

…. His words in cards are like an extension of him

…. He notices whenever you change the paint on your toenails & says “They look pretty”

…. He’ll tell a story on the spot if I ask, and they are usually those that I want to hear more of & not fall asleep which they are intended to make me do.

…. He smells you in big doses throughout the day to get a fix!

…. You’ve fainted on the tube – the ambulance comes to take you to hospital & he’s waiting there before your ambulance gets there.

…. He makes you a meal at 3.30am because you say you’re hungry

…. He tucks you into bed when he leaves for work

…. Whenever someone asks what you do, he proudly answers in depth before you say anything belittling

…. If it’s been a tight month, he’ll have a budget to go to the shop with & he’ll bring back the necessities but always with a small box of ferrero rochers your favourite choc.

…. If you ask him to pay attention or to look at something, he’ll turn the tv off & give it his full attention.

Now by He I soley mean my partner Andrew, and by You of course I only mean myself, everyone has a unique way in which they recognise their partners love & you fall in love with those small things, that’s beautiful ay that no two love is the same.

Some things you’ll have read and are saying yes, hahaha my partner does that! If you are reading & every last thing is a tickbox then………  ‘HE .. you wanna turn the tv off right now?’…. !

Enjoy your day Lovelies

LA x

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