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Pump It Up.. Noogleberry For The Hips & Butt

21 Aug

You’re thinking…. Huh? What? … Let me explain – the maker of Noogleberry Lucy has had a lot of demand for a pump for the hips and butt, from women who want to gain curves. She has decided to prototype it and I will be one of her testers… Looking forward to this I am ;-) … So if all goes well there will be no curve the Noogleberry can’t achieve!


I’ll be keeping you posted!


To enjoy a toned butt, shapely legs and naturally bigger breasts yourself, without the need to leave your home and go to the gym – Follow the guides and steps in the BLL eBook to a Sexier more womanly figure. If you want a fuller rear, without the need to exercise go straight to the ‘Bonus’ section for a wonder tip just using an oil brought from wholefoods store.

Retailed at £3.99

LA xoxo


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